Kids Struggling With Cancer Need a Hero Like You!

Over the past several decades, five-year pediatric cancer survival rates have increased significantly. But current data show Hispanic and black children and adolescents have poorer five-year survival rates than their white peers.

This is why we need your help. Your donation to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation will allow for important trials and research, giving children a far better chance of beating the odds.

This research will provide critical insights into the tumor biology of minority children, which will be key to developing innovative therapies. It will also help identify barriers that prevent minority and underprivileged patients from accessing cutting-edge technology in the cancer field.

Is There Anything I Can Do?
If you are moved to help a child in need, know that your thoughtfulness will be remembered for a lifetime. Your generous gift is the perfect way to express your compassion and support.
By funding research, you are giving EVERY child hope for a cure.