Celebration of Life 2018!

Each year, the odds of a child surviving cancer significantly improve, and that’s something to celebrate! Children who reach milestones in their treatment or beat cancer completely deserve to commemorate their victories, and that’s where the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation and Children’s Hospital of Michigan step in. The annual “Celebration of Life” helps to make these incredible moments even more memorable for the children and their families by providing a full day of laughs, games, awards, and entertainment.
Celebration of Life is a day for children and their families to let go and have fun. They get to engage in exciting activities like Go Carts, bumper boats, rock climbing, mini golf, batting cages, and throwing water balloons at their medical team. CHM staff and volunteers distributed souvenirs such as survivor shirts, medals, gift baskets, bikes, and more. The kids that wore the “I’m a Survivor” tag rang the bell of triumph with proud, smiling faces and the crowd cheering in victory along with them.

The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation is proud to fund such an important event for the community of childhood cancer survivors from Children’s Hospital of Michigan. This year, 1,700 total – including 375 survivors – attended this event, some of whom shared their journey with other patients, bringing hope, comfort, and a sense of community to those feeling afraid and alone. Attendees noted they left feeling uplifted and inspired to keep fighting, and one child said what many others were thinking, “I felt like I belonged…I didn’t feel different from the other kids.”