A Casual Conversation Results in Large Gift to the Foundation

Twelve years ago, in 2006, Joe and Marion Schasney were considering their estate plans and looking for a way to create their personal legacy — a way they could really have a big impact. Then, a chance conversation with their neighbor’s babysitter, Mary Ellen Klein, brought things into focus. Mary Ellen had lost her son, Danny, to leukemia 20 years before and was now a volunteer for an organization named Leukemia, Research, Life (now Kids Without Cancer). Mary Ellen’s story moved the Schasneys, and with her help, they scheduled a tour of the hematology/oncology department and Children’s Hospital of Michigan. They knew at that point what they needed to do — build a legacy with CHM through the Foundation — but as a result of meeting doctors and seeing the hospital, Joe said, “…we were so impressed, we decided to arrange a larger gift than we anticipated making.”

The wheels were in motion. The Schasneys established a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust that would secure a life income for them, and generate charitable gifts for each of the organizations: Kids Without Cancer, and CHMF. Beyond this generous gift, Joe and Marion included a significant specific bequest of $2,000,000 for CHMF in their estate trust. Their decision gave them great satisfaction, especially since Marion had waged her own battle with leukemia some 10 years before.

The two retired to Venice, Florida, and enjoyed their lives, keeping in touch with their two daughters in Michigan and Georgia, and their grandchildren. In 2010, Marion passed away, and Joe stayed in Venice, where he passed away last fall, weeks after celebrating his 99th birthday.

Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation is grateful to the Schasneys for the legacy they have created to help children win their fights against cancer. The legacy they’ve created will keep them alive in the kids who receive better treatments and brighter futures!

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