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We all want the best possible futures for our children—a future where each child is given the opportunity to reach his or her potential. But we know that children can only thrive when they have the resources they need for their well-being.

At the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, our purpose is simple: to improve the health of children. We are continuing the legacy of caring for children and families that has been the mission of Children’s Hospital of Michigan for over 125 years. In Detroit, across the nation and around the world, families have always known they can rely on the Children’s Hospital of Michigan for exceptional medical care. They know they can turn to Children’s for innovations in research and pioneering discoveries in childhood diseases. And they know that the best pediatric professionals to safeguard the health of their children are those trained at Children’s.

Children’s Hospital is truly an amazing place—it’s a highly-rated pediatric specialty care hospital that provides exceptional care that acutely sick children can’t get anywhere else. It’s also the safety-net hospital that provides routine care for families who simply cannot afford medical care. As the only free-standing pediatric hospital serving metropolitan Detroit, Children’s remains a critically important resource for the state.

Children’s serves a diverse population of children and their families, 64 percent of which are low-income and Medicaid insured, and is committed to meeting the needs of children and families through outreach and advocacy efforts. Children’s is the primary source of healthcare for many children in Detroit and surrounding areas because it is dedicated to meeting their physical and emotional needs regardless of insurance status or the families’ ability to pay.

The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation is honored to have been chosen to assume responsibility for preserving the Children’s Hospital of Michigan’s charitable legacy, along with the responsibility for supporting the charitable programs in pediatric research, medical education, and child health advocacy conducted by the Hospital.

Our goal is to make a significant and lasting, positive effect on children’s health—both locally and around the world. We do this by working with experts at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan to identify healthcare programs and initiatives that will have the greatest impact on improving the health of young people and families and by partnering with other affiliated organizations. Your gift to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation will support programs and services that improve the health of children in our community.

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