Our goal is to make a significant and lasting, positive effect on children’s health—both locally and around the world. We do this by working with experts at the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan to identify healthcare programs and initiatives that will have the greatest impact on improving the health of young people and families and by partnering with other affiliated organizations.

Opportunities to Change Children’s Lives
The New Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation

With the sale of the Detroit Medical Center, and with it the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan, to investor owned Vanguard Health Systems, Inc., philanthropic dollars can now be directed towards areas that most directly impact the children in our community. The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation is now uniquely positioned to raise significant contributions to fund pediatric research, medical education, and community programs that improve the health and well-being of children.

Going forward, the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation will assume responsibility for a $100 million portfolio of restricted funds and continue to raise needed contributions.

Pediatric Research

Gifts for research support pediatric scientific discovery at the Children’s Research Center of Michigan, along with other pediatric research initiatives. From “bench to bedside” and drawing upon DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan’s vast patient population, the Foundation is charged with raising funds to support basic pediatric research, where physicians and scientists study disease at the molecular or cellular level in state-of-the-art laboratories, to clinical research at the patients’ bedside. Funding for important endowed chair positions further supports these research initiatives.

The Foundation currently supports several research programs that will enhance our understanding of the progress of disease in children, improve outcomes in children, and lead to the development of exciting new treatments.

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Community Health for the Benefit of Children

Gifts to support pediatric community health help fund critical services and innovative programs not otherwise covered by other private or public sources that address key issues essential to improve the health and wellness of children, particularly within the Southeast Michigan region.

Donations support a variety of programs and services that benefit patients and families and help them to prevent injury, access supportive services, and manage the impact of illnesses and injuries. In our effort to support the health care needs of children in our community, the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation partners with affiliated organizations and programs (such as community-based health and parenting programs, injury prevention, poison control, and child advocacy programs) to help to meet the needs of families and to complement pediatric health care programs.

The Foundation currently supports several community benefit programs that help to improve the health and wellness of children.

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Pediatric Medical Education

Gifts for education help to support continuing medical education for physicians and healthcare staff, ensuring that they have access to the latest information, techniques, and training in order to provide the best care for children. Medical education funds provide support for staff to attend medical/health profession conferences and seminars where they can share information with the best and brightest in their fields. Donations help to launch and sustain annual international lecture series, where noted pediatricians or scientists present groundbreaking findings to physicians and other healthcare providers. Gifts also help support educational visits by noted pediatric experts who provide lectures and training to the next generation of pediatricians and to caregivers and families.

The Foundation currently supports several medical education programs that ensure that physicians and other healthcare providers have access to the latest training and information.

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