Tenth Annual Joseph O. Reed, M.D. Endowed Lecture a Success

IMG_1468The auditorium at Children’s Hospital of Michigan was full of interested physicians, fellows, residents and other health professionals eager to hear visiting presenter, Ronald A. Cohen, M.D. discuss “Diagnostic Abdominal Pain in Children: How Times have Changed,” presented through Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Michigan and Wayne State University.
Dr. Cohen was invited by current Chief of Pediatric Radiology, Aparna Joshi, M.D. after meeting Dr. Cohen at a lecture and learning that he studied at the same program as Thomas Slovis, M.D. at Columbia University. Dr. Slovis, in turn, studied under Joseph O. Reed, M.D., Chief, for whom the endowment is named.

A special breakfast was hosted by Mrs. Barbara Reed, who was also present for the lecture in honor of her late husband.
In addition to discussing how pediatric radiology has evolved over the years, a common thread was how newer generations of physicians learn from previous generations and build on the knowledge they impart. “We’re a tight-knit community and we learn from one another,” said Dr. Slovis.

The lecture provided a unique opportunity for those attending to learn about best practices in the field of pediatric radiology.
Dr. Joshi explained how pediatric radiology differs from adult radiology, “When imaging children, we’re dealing with different pathologies. Children are also more sensitive to radiation, so we take care to use certain modalities that minimize ionizing radiation. And, we tend to interact with parents and the children to provide a distraction and because children are smaller and more vulnerable.”

“The value of what we, as pediatric radiologists can do, is create an impact that may last many years over the life of the child and into adulthood,” said Dr. Cohen.