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Finding answers to big pediatric medical questions depends on advanced research. While every project has complex and precise needs each requires many of the same infrastructure essentials. Having them in place can make all the difference to winning research funding and making discoveries that lead to improved treatments and cures for childhood diseases and discoveries that can save lives.

Advanced research is built on essentials.

For over 20 years, The Children’s Research Center of Michigan (CRCM) has provided those essentials. A partnership of The Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, The Children’s Hospital of Michigan, the Detroit Medical Center and Wayne State University, the CRCM provides pediatric medical researchers the resources to gain funding and conduct breakthrough research.

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CHMF is the single largest monetary supporter of CRCM, donating more than $6,000,000 to its breakthrough work. Today, the need is greater than ever. And your gift is more important than ever. Better futures for sick children begin with research.E

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Innovative Emergency Room Outcomes
Preventing Leukemia Deaths
Help For Young Hearts
Saving the Lives of Premature Infants
Stronger Hearts, Healthier Futures
Catching the Signs of Child Abuse


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