One of my favorite passions is reading books. The old fashioned kind that you hold in your hands and turn the pages with your fingers. The kind that need bookmarks.

One of the most intriguing of my latest reads is by Bronnie Ware, an Australian hospice nurse. She booksspends her work time caring for those who are dying. During her duties she realized many of her patient’s reminisce while receiving care. She listened intently. Then she wrote a short book “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.”

At the very top of her list is “I’d wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” It struck a chord with me because during my career I’ve worked with individuals establishing their personal legacy by funding an endowment. In most of those cases, the donor fulfilled somewhat of a lifelong dream, a dream they carried for many years until the day they sat down and carved out their legacy. Their inner passions flowed as they described the motivation behind creating the endowment, a permanent, lasting legacy to something precious they valued. Some spoke to fulfilling a commitment they made to themselves years in the past. A few felt the weight of promises made in the past lifted off their shoulders now that they had fulfilled their dream.

Is there an inner dream you have that you want to craft into your legacy? Find the courage today to fulfill your dream!

A Message from Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation Presedent & CEO, Tony Werner:


Every January we’re inundated with fresh resolutions from friends, colleagues, and via mass marketing, as a way to start off the new year. The optimism is palpable. The commitments admirable.

Resolutions run the gamut from fairly simple and straightforward to downright ambitious. From a philanthropic point of view, committing to help just one other individual during the year is most welcome. Support one individual in his or her quest to become literate; support a local food pantry or homeless shelter by giving a warm meal and place to sleep to someone down on their luck; or jump in at a moment’s notice when a natural disaster strikes a nearby community.

Caring for others as a centerpiece of your resolution results in a unique phenomenon — you will revel in the joy of giving. The joy of giving remains yours forever. It cannot be lost. It cannot be taken away. It won’t even expire, not even after December 31, 2016.

As January nears to a close, it’s not too late to join in the movement. Take a long walk in silence. Sit quietly in meditation. Select a way to help just one person and forge the determination to carry it out.

Now there is a way to multiply your commitment twelve times over but this opportunity only comes along every January so the window of opportunity is narrowing. Many charities offer monthly giving programs that can facilitate your commitment to make a difference by inviting you to make one contribution every month so by the time the end of December rolls around, you’ve made twelve times the impact. Now that’s a resolution worth keeping!


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Tony Werner
President & CEO
Children’s Hospital of Michigan FoundationJanuary 2016



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Detroit MI, (9/1/15): 75 plus overweight children and their families will tie up their running shoes and putting on a team t-shirt for Fit Kids On the Move in the D. These families will be representing Wayne Children’s Healthcare Access Program and Fit Kids in a local downtown 5K fun run Saturday, Sept. 5. The event, “In the Cut” will be attended by over 70 Fit Kids and their families trying to make healthy behavior changes in their lives. The families have been attending the On the Move program (see more below) for 11 weeks and will be doing their first 5K with the full support of many Detroit organizations. Sponsors for the On the Move in the D program include Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, Wayne State School of Medicine., W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Networkingout, Junior League of Saginaw Valley, Health Net of West Michigan and ESP printing located in Eastern Market. It has truly been a great Detroit collaboration of sponsors.

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Barton Malow Builds Stronger Communities By Giving Back!

2014 was an important year for local construction company, Barton Malow.  Last year the organization celebrated their 90thAnniversary and the Barton Malow Foundation formally filed as a 501c3. In recognition of these two milestones, Barton Malow wanted to shift their focus to those who shared in their commitment to helping build stronger communities by giving back.

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Thank you, FedEx District 51!

For this year’s United Way & Purple Tote filling journey FedEx District employees chose to host a book and puzzle drive to support Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation. District Manager, Paul Decker and Community Manager, Sue Burton chose to support Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation because they wanted to do something that was going to help the children of Michigan, and the Foundation does just that.

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Working Together to Keep Kids Safe!

The Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program (KIPP) collaborated with AAA Michigan and the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation to hold a child booster seat education and distribution event at Samuel Gompers Elementary-Middle School on October 2, 2014.  The afternoon was all about child passenger safety and included a car and booster seat safety education session led by KIPP staff and the distribution of 110 car booster seats.  Parents and caregivers at the event learned the importance of utilizing seatbelts, properly selecting and installing booster seats and the state laws surrounding the use of car and booster seats.

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Racing For A Reason!

On Sunday, September 7, the Michigan Midget Racing Association held their 16th Annual Checkers for Children’s Fundraiser. This FUN – raiser allowed young race car drivers and event attendees the opportunity to help raise money for neurological research at Children’s Hospital of Michigan DMC.  The racers and their parents where excited to have neurologist Dr. Mahbubul Huq in attendance so that they could present him a check for $3,500

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Thank You For Your Support CDUPA!

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Earlier this month the Caterpillar Dealers Used Parts Association (CDUPA) held their 2014 convention right here in Detroit. As part of the convention festivities a charity auction dinner was held on September 8th at the Athenium Suite Hotel, with proceeds benefiting Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation. At the end of the evening almost $9,000 had been raised to support the health and wellness of children!

Thank you to all who attended

~ Kate K.